RDL U-Joint - Spicer 1350-Alum HD Series

Model Number: K447AHD

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Rockford Drive Line Spicer 1350-Alum HD universal joint
Round bearings in outside snap ring configuration.

Rockford’s universal joint kits are engineered to improve vehicle performance, increase service life and provide a quieter, smoother operating drivetrain assembly. Select raw materials, superior design and closely monitored forging process results in increased static strength and longer service-life. Precision ground trunnion and bearing surfaces insure trouble-free operation.
Aluminum Universal Joints
It is important to note that aluminum requires special care. The corrosion that occurs when aluminum comes in contact with steel will cause rapid deterioration and or premature wear. Rockford offers chemically treated u-joints and snap rings to meet your aluminum driveshaft needs. Our universal joints prevent the corrosion, seizing and premature wear associated with a steel replacement joint used on an aluminum application.
Heavy Duty Universal Joints
Our High Performance / Heavy-Duty Universal Joints are forged from high-strength Chrome-Nickel steel to meet the demands of rugged applications. Designed with a solid cross that provides superior strength for the toughest applications. Pre-greased with the exact amount of life extending, high performance synthetic grease.

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U-Joint - Spicer 1350-Alum HD Series
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