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What does "Stake-In" u-joint mean....Well most standard universal joints have either an internal snap rings that sits inside the ears of a yoke or flange and sits into a groove that has been cut into the universal joint cup. The other design is external snap rings they sit in grooves that have been machined inside the ears of the yokes and flanges. Stake In references the manner of how the universal joints are held into the yokes & flanges because the metal of the yoke & flange is acually forced over the edges of the univesal joint cap to hold it in position.


What is a conversion line shaft? The Rockford Drive Line conversion line shaft is simply a NEW prop shaft that has been manufactured to replace the existing design shaft on several applications. The reason it is called a conversion is because we have designed our shaft to use universal joints and slip yokes. Shown below is one of the comparisons of the Rockford Drive Line conversion shaft to OEM.


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